Below are applications and information for the most popular City of Chicago requests submitted by businesses and residents of the 25th Ward. Please contact us to request a city service that is not listed below.

Business Services

Street/Pole Banner

Obtain street or pole banners by filling out and submitting this application.

Occupy the Public Right of Way

The City’s streets, alleys, sidewalks, and parkways are considered to be public rights of way. In order to occupy space on, under or over the public way, you must obtain a public way permit.

Parade Permit

If you want to have a parade, please use this application for a permit.

Demolition/Wrecking permit

Please use this application to receive a permit prior to conducting any demolition.

Canopy or Awning

Please use this application to receive approval prior to installing any canopy or awning that extends out from your business.

Loading Zone

To request a loading zone for your business, please use this application.

Small Business Resources

Download this guide from the IRS to find out about more resources for your small business.


For the Committee on Zoning, call 312-744-6845.

Residential Services

Tree Removal

To request tree removal, please call 773-523-4100 to see if you meet the criteria of the City of Chicago to have your tree removed.

Block Party Application

If you are interested in having a block party, download the application or pick one up at our office. Make sure to bring proof of residency when you apply.

Moving Van/Public Way Permit

If your moving van needs to block an alley or a street, please obtain a permit. You can also receive temporary no-parking signs for your moving van.

Disabled Parking Placard

For disabled residents, an appropriate placard is available for their vehicle by using this application. The same application can be used to renew your permit.

Building Information Request Form

The Department of Buildings customer service request form is used to find information about any building in the city.

Department of Construction and Permits: Easy Permit Process Application

The Department of Construction and Permits (DCAP) allows for an easy permit process application.

Recycling Centers

Currently, the 25th Ward does not have Blue Carts available for residents, but Alderman Solis is aggressively advocating for them. In the mean time, please drop off recycling goods at the near by centers:

  • Old 10th District Police Station, 1952 W. 23rd St.
    Near South, 1758 S. Clark St.

See more on City of Chicago recycling.

Garage Sale Permit

A permit is needed for all garage sales, yard sales, apartment sales and similar occasional sales of household goods that are conducted on residential property within the City of Chicago.

City of Chicago Parking Information

All vehicles that are principally garaged in Chicago more than 30 days must purchase a vehicle sticker. In addition, if the vehicle parks on the street in a residential parking zone, the vehicle must either display an annual residential parking sticker ( the number is printed on your annual vehicle sticker) or a daily residential guest pass (valid for 24 hours). Click on the link above for more information.

Vacant or Troubled Buildings

If you notice a building on your block that has criminal activity occurring, it is important to report this activity to the authorities.

Federal Disaster Assistance FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and valuable answers on federal disaster assistance.

Building Permit Information

Building permits give you, your insurance company, neighbors and the City assurance that specific minimum standards are met in constructing, repairing or altering your home or building by complying with the Chicago Building Code. These standards are intended to protect the integrity of the buildings, the welfare of the public and your safety.

Federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has made $34 million in funding available across the state for those seeking assistance with the cost of heating their homes through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Shared Sidewalk Program

Through the Shared Cost Sidewalk program, owners pay part of the cost of replacing the sidewalk in front of their property, or on both sides of a corner property, and courtesy walks. Please call 311 to participate in this program.

Emergency Housing Assistance Program

The Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP) provides grants to low-income homeowners to repair roofs, porches, and heating units that are in serious disrepair. Owners of one- to four-unit properties in Chicago must live on the property and have no other means to pay for the repairs. If the property is sold within one year of the repairs, the City requires the homeowner to repay the grant amount.

CAPS meetings: 12th District

Here is a listing of the CAPS meetings for 2011 for the 12th District. Find your district and beat here:…

Scholarship Guide

Chicago Public Schools has issued a scholarship guide for high school students wishing to pursue a college education. Find out about current scholarships available and how to apply.

2015 Street Sweeping Schedule

Download the 2015 Street Sweeping Schedule for the 25th Ward.

Find Your Vehicle

Find out the three ways to search for your car if it has been relocated or towed by police.

ChiTEXT: Texting 311 for Answers

Get quick answers via text from 311.

Building Violations

Check a building violation by entering a street address.