Green Alleyways

Chicago’s Green Alley program is one of many environmentally friendly initiatives put forth by CDOT.
The 25th Ward is proud to have several throughout the ward.

Green alleys incorporate a variety of characteristics:

  • Permeable pavements (asphalt, concrete or pavers) that allow storm water to filter through the pavement and drain into the ground, instead of collecting on hard surfaces or draining into the sewer system.
    The pavement can be used on the full width of an alley,
    or simply in a center trench.
  • Open bottom catch basins–installed in alleys to capture water and funnel it into the ground.
  • High-albedo pavement, a lighter-colored surface that reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it,
    helping reduce the urban heat island effect.
  • Recycled materials, such as concrete aggregate, slag and recycled tire rubber.

Other green alley techniques include using proper grading and pitch to facilitate drainage,
and using dark sky-compliant light fixtures to reduce light pollution and provide uniform illumination.