Press Releases Daniel S. Solis – Alderman 25th Ward

Press Release: Concejal Solís quiere utilizar los salones para la programación educativa adicional

(Chicago) – Concejal Solís ha participado en reuniones por varios meses con diversas partes interesadas en la educación, incluidos los directores de las escuelas que se encuentran en el distrito 25, al igual como maestros locales, padres y residentes. Estas reuniones han subrayado la necesidad de mejoras y pidió recursos adicionales dentro del sistema escolar publico del Distrito 25º como un beneficio para la educación del  los estudiantes. Las escuelas del Distrito 25 tienen pocos salones desocupados que da oportunidad de crear una programación adicional para los estudiantes en las artes, lenguaje, deportes, y otras áreas de estudio. (more…)

Press Release: Ald. Solis Wants to Utilize Classrooms for Additional Educational Programming

(Chicago) – Ald. Solis has participated in several months of meetings with various stakeholders in education, including principals in the 25th Ward as well as local teachers, parents and residents. These meetings highlighted the need for further improvements and called for additional resources within the 25th Ward public school system as a benefit for student’s education. The schools within the 25th Ward have only a few extra classrooms available which present an opportunity to create additional programming for students in the arts, languages, sports, and other areas of study. (more…)

Press Release: Ald. Solis Launches Community Outreach Partnership to Address US EPA Initial Lead Findings for Pilsen Area Soil Sampling

(Chicago) – Following a briefing by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ald. Danny Solis is announcing the formation of a Community Outreach Partnership to address the environmental and health concerns of lead contamination. The EPA met with 25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis about the results of an initial soil sampling taken on December 19, 2012 in the alley connecting Loomis Street and Throop Street south of West 21st Street and north of West Cermak Road. (more…)

Ald. Solis Updates Chinatown on Community Initiatives at Lunar New Year Celebration Press Conference with Chicago Chinatown Special Events

(Chicago) – Ald. Solis spent time updating and thanking Chinatown residents regarding several ongoing projects that have recently begun to expand and modernize Chinatown. These projects include the expansion of Ping Tom Park, the addition of a new boathouse near the Chicago River, the widening and rerouting of Wentworth St. and the newly approved, stand-alone library. Each of these improvements to the community will benefit residents and businesses as well as improve access and safety to the community.


PRESS RELEASE: Alderman Danny Solis Brightens Pilsen this Holiday Season with a Tree Lighting Ceremony

Alderman Danny Solis will kick off the holiday season on Friday, December 7th, with his Inaugural Tree Lighting of Plaza Tenochtitlan, in the heart of Pilsen’s Blue Island Avenue and 18th Street commercial corridors. (more…)


Broad Coalition led by Alderman Solis, Moreno and Moore calls on legislators to have COURAGE and put HIGHWAY SAFETY FIRST

Today 28 Chicago Aldermen passed a resolution through City Council calling on the Illinois General Assembly to have courage and put highway safety first by passing legislation in veto session 2012 to require all Illinois drivers including 250,000 undocumented drivers to be trained, tested, licensed and insured.   (more…)

Aldermen Announcing the Formal Incorporation of the Chicago City Council Latino Caucus (“CCCLC”)


The Chicago City Council Latino Caucus (“CCCLC”) will announce its formal incorporation to maximize the effectiveness of the Caucus on matters of importance to Chicago’s Latino community, such as education, immigration, business development, and crime reduction. Along with the official formation of the CCCLC, it also established a Foundation. The Foundation will focus on scholarships and community building.

Ald. Danny Solis, 25th Ward, Chicago City Council Latino Caucus Chairman, Ald. Joe Moreno, 1st Ward, Founding Member, Ald. George Cardenas, 12th Ward, Founding Member, Ald. Ricardo Munoz, 22nd Ward, Founding Member, Ald. Roberto Maldonado, 26th Ward, Founding Member, Ald. Ariel Reboyras, 30th Ward, Founding Member, Ald. Ray Suarez, 31st Ward, Founding Member, Ald. Rey Colon, 35th Ward, Founding Member, Ald. John Pope, 10th Ward, Invited Member, Ald. Marty Quinn, 13th Ward, Invited Member, Ald. Ed Burke, 14th Ward, Invited Member, Ald. Toni Foulkes, 15th Ward, Invited Member Ald. Michael Zalewski, 23rd Ward, Invited Member Ald. Richard Mell, 33rd Ward, Invited Member, Ald. Nicholas Sposato, 36th Ward, Invited Member, Ald. Nicholas Sposato, 36th Ward, Invited Member

Mayor Emanuel Recieves Plan to Revitalize Former Coal Plant Sites and Surrounding Communities

September 22, 2012

Park District Secures Funding to Build New Park on Nearby Site of Long-Vacant Former Asphalt Factory

Mayor’s Press Office    312.744.3334

On Saturday morning, Mayor Emanuel received a plan to revitalize the former Fisk and Crawford coal plants, which have been shut down due to the efforts made by the Mayor in concert with community groups in the Little Village and Pilsen communities, and with Midwest Generation. Additionally, the Mayor announced today that the Chicago Park District and the City will invest $8 million to develop a new park on the site of a 24-acre former Celotex asphalt factory located at 31st and Albany in the Little Village neighborhood. (more…)

Press Release: Ald. Solis Announces Public Art Initiative

Tuesday August 21, 2012

For more information, contact: Lauren Pacheco, 312.925.0381

Ald. Danny Solis introduces a ward-wide public art initiative designed to transform neglected, inactive spaces or sites plagued with vandalism and, to develop a restorative and preservation plan for older community murals.  In response to establishing a community friendly and supported public arts program, Alderman Solis introduces Art in Public Places: A 25th Ward Community Initiative.  The addition of a diverse selection of creative community experiences in the 25th Ward builds the communities overall creation of a pedestrian-friendly, aesthetically pleasing environment for residents, business owners and visitors.  Additionally, this project is about connecting artists with creative opportunities.

Alderman Solis has personally seeded the production of 12 new community murals.  The goal of the public art initiative is an anti-vandalism approach to un-sanctioned graffiti in the 25th Ward.  The Art in Public Places initiative hopes to not only crack down on defacement but expects a refocus of city abatement efforts in other areas on the community.

“In addition to the economic benefits that are realized through the implementation of public art initiatives, this effort will also create and enhance the cultural, educational and artistic value for the community. Public art, can symbolize a broader shift in thinking among the city’s political and art establishments,” said Ald. Solis in a statement.  “Leveraging local and out-of-state creative talents will offer a spotlight on Chicago’s contemporary, public art assets.”

25th Ward Art in Public Places Initiative examples:

  • 16th Street from Damen Avenue to Halsted Street: A diverse curation of local and out-of-state public mural projects including: NiceOne, Brooks Golden, Jake Castro, Hebru Brantley, Ruben Aguirre, Rodrigo Mireles, Uriel Correa
  • Curatorial partnerships with Pawn Works and Chicago Urban Art Society, a Pilsen-based art organization identifying local and out-of-state Artists and Muralists such as Jon Burgerman, RAE, Gaia, Reyes, and ROA.  Also, National Museum of Mexican Fine Art, The Resurrection Project, Pros Arts, Yollocalli Youth Arts Reach and their After-School Matters summer youth program, among others.
  • Restoration of specific culturally relevant murals
  • Revitalization of Plaza Tenochtitlan mosaics by Muralist, Hector Duarte, Chicago Public Art Group and youth artists
  • Other community murals include: Chema Skndal!, Diana Solis, Pablo Serrano, Chris Silva, among others.
  • Chinatown Centennial Public Art Projects in old and new Chinatown.

Alderman Solis announces a community dedication event and trolley tour during October’s Chicago Artist Month spotlighting murals in the 25th Ward.  Individuals can submit a proposal on a rolling basis- view online at

Press examples includes:



Redeye Chicago:,0,

Redeye Chicago:

Brooklyn Street Art: 

Press Release: Ald. Solis to Introduce Marijuana Ticketing Ordinance

Wednesday October 27, 2011

For more information, contact:
Stacy Raker

Ald. Solis to Introduce Marijuana Ticketing Ordinance 

(Chicago) – Ald. Danny Solis announced today alongside Commissioner John Fritchey and other Aldermen that he will introduce an ordinance that will require that those caught with small amounts of marijuana can be required to pay a fine and do community service rather than face jail time.

This ordinance is designed not only to reduce the cost of jailing those who are caught with small amounts of the substance but also to encourage law enforcement to focus their efforts on more serious infractions. The cost of housing someone in the Cook County Jail for one day is $143 dollars while the value of the substance found on those arrested was, on average, only $55.

Numerous other cities in Illinois including Aurora, Carbondale, Champaign, Ford Heights, Springfield, and Sugar Grove have all passed similar ordinances alongside the State of California.

The City of Chicago Marijuana Ticketing Ordinance would require that any person who is found to be in possession of 10 grams or less of cannabis be fined $200 and required to perform up to 10 hours of community service.

“This is an ordinance that will not only save the City of Chicago money, but will also increase and generate revenue. The City of Chicago can reallocate police manpower to more serious, dangerous criminal offenses while saving the taxpayers money. This ordinance is designed to begin discussion and bring in experts in the field to make sure we have a solid piece of legislation. Anyone found with even small amounts of the illegal substance will still face consequences including community service and fines,” Ald. Solis said.

Other council members supporting this ordinance include Ald. Proco Joe Moreno (1), Ald. Howard Brookins (21), Ald. Walter Burnett (27), Ald. Ariel Reboyras (30), and Ald. Dick Mell (33).


Press Release: Ald. Solis and Commissioner Klein Announce New Protected Bike Lanes


Friday September 23, 2011

For more information, contact:
Stacy Raker

Ald. Solis and Commissioner Klein Announce New Protected Bike Lanes at “Bike the 25th Ward” Event 

(Chicago) – Ald. Danny Solis will participate in the annual Bike the 25th Ward with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) Commissioner Gabe Klein this Sunday, September 25, 2011. Ald. Solis hosts this event annually to tour the 25th Ward alongside residents on bicycle. The trail for the event covers 5 miles within the 25th Ward and touches Pilsen, Chinatown, University Village and Little Italy. Registration for the event begins at 9 AM and the ride kicks off at 10 AM at Harrison Park 1824 S. Wood St.

Ald. Danny Solis and Commissioner Klein will also announce that 18th Street, on the city’s southwest side, will receive .55 miles of new protected bicycle lanes from Clinton to Clark Sts. The bicycle lanes will provide a safe route for residents traveling to the 18th St./Halsted Art District, Downtown, and the Lakefront Trail by reducing vehicular travel lanes and adding protected biking lanes.

The new protected bike lane on 18th St. will mirror the one created and successfully implemented on Kinzie St. There are numerous benefits to these protected bike lanes including:

  • Increased safety for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists
  • Reduce travel lanes to conform with adjacent roadway
  • Encourage bicyclists of all ages and ability
  • Connect existing bikeways
  • Bicycle friendly plates on the 18th St. Bridge
  • Provide connection to the Lakefront Trail
  • Improve storm grates on bridge

“I am very excited to have these newly piloted protected bike lanes in the 25th Ward. This is a great opportunity to improve the health and safety of our community. The location of the lanes is ideal to connect residents of the ward to the Lakefront, downtown, and Halsted St. art district,” Solis said of the new plans.

Work on the bike lanes is projected to begin in October 2011 with completion anticipated in early November 2011.

The event will take place rain or shine.


Redmoon Theatre moves to 25th Ward!