Proposed Special Service Area (SSA)

Aldermanic Position

I want to promptly address the concerns of local residents that a new tax will be imposed on Pilsen. The Resurrection Project (TRP), a local non profit organization, and some local businesses have initiated steps to complete a Special Service Area (SSA) 2013 Application from the City of Chicago Department of Housing and Economic Development. This application would require a percentage of local property owners to sign their support onto the proposed special service areas.  If the proposed SSA does not receive public approval, then I will certainly also not support the application. In the meantime, I strongly encourage residents, businesses and property owners to be engaged in the process and reach out to The Resurrection Project directly at 312-666-1323 or, Ulises Zatarain at

We know that the social and economic impact of the business community in the 25th Ward has resulted in providing jobs, creating and participating in entrepreneurial networks, investing in neighborhood projects, and giving to local charities.  Not to mention, critical improvements such as updated infrastructure including schools, parks, sidewalks and citywide recycling services which, contribute to a healthy community to live, work and play in.  The 25th Ward and the Pilsen community in particular, have a vibrant local business culture which continues to stimulate local tourism, support innovative sustainability and connections to opportunities.  I want to work together with the community to support residents and businesses of Pilsen.

Who is proposing a Special Service Area (SSA) in the Pilsen community?

The Resurrection Project (TRP), a non for profit organization is completing the 2014 SSA Application as required by the City of Chicago Department of Housing and Economic Development.  Please please reach out to the organization who has requested to submit a 2014 application for further information.  Below you will find important links regarding the SSA Program and contacts.

Ulises Zatarain
Vice President of Community Engagement & Programs
The Resurrection Project

1818 South Paulina Street | Chicago, Illinois 60608

Tel 312-666-1323 | Fax 312-942-1123

What is a Special Service Area (SSA) FAQ’s?
The Resurrection Project response to community concerns about Special Service Area (SSA) Proposal
City of Chicago Department of Housing and Economic Development Website

City of Chicago DHED Contact Information

Gina Caruso, Assistant Commissioner, HED

Phone: 312.744.82356 Email:

Annie Coakley, Assistant to the Commissioner, HED

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